Environmental Studies, Research and Assessment

Environmental Studies, Research and Assessment

  Assessment on Climate Change & It‟s Impact,
  Environmental Suitability & Feasibility Assessment,
  Sustainable Reporting,
  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  Assessment of Earth & It's Aspect,
  Environmental Monitoring Study
  Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 & 2)
  Remediation services for contaminated Soil & Water (Ground & Surface)
  Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)
  Environmental Management plan (EMP)
  Initial Environment Examination (IEE)
  Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA)
  Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA)
  Environmental Baseline Surveys

Air And Noise

“AmbiRisk” have an interdisciplinary team to assess air and sound quality, evaluation emission sources, model plume dispersion and determine the nature of impacts.

Air and Noise services include:

  Ambient Air Quality and Noise monitoring
  Indoor Air and Noise Monitoring
  Stack Emission measurements and Monitoring
  Radiation Monitoring
  Air and Noise Modeling Studies

Environmental Remediation

Acquiring, reusing or disposing of contaminated sites requires time-tested experience to ensure sustainable solutions for future uses. AmbiRisk provides a full range of remediation solutions to manage liabilities associated with contaminated soil, groundwater, sediments and infrastructure.

Together with our Strategic Partners we provide the following Services:

  Due Diligence
  Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 and Phase 2)