About AmbiRisk

Increasing level of Pollution, Climate Change, Global Warming, Scarcity of Portable Water, Desertification, Environmental Disasters, loss of ecological balance, extinction of species etc. are serious concern faced by the World today. Pollutants generated due to anthropogenic activities are being released in the Environment every day which are hampering the environmental Aspects (air, water and soil). To avoid any measure disaster in future every pollution generating body should comply with Environmental Rules & Regulations of respective geographical regions.

UAE always supports the continuous improvement of environmental policies and environmental treaties worldwide to maintain sustainable growth.

India believes in growth of Economy by sustainable development, optimum utilization & protection of Nature and its aspects.
In the same manner AmbiRisk is committed to compliance within the mandatory guidelines of Federal Law No.24 of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment and Environment Protection Act, 1986 along with other applicable statutory and regulatory legal requirements.